Sheila Adamo: Profile, Phoenix magazine
Glendale Bead Museum, Phoenix magazine
Feathered Friends Festival, East Valley Tribune
Higley Softball Team,  AZ Central 

Print Design/Layout

These are the first and second full-page layout I designed for Arizona Citizen, a fictional newspaper I created for an Advanced Editing course. Please click the PDF links below to view these pages.



This is a newspaper centerpiece layout I did for the same class. It’s about an art heist committed 30 years ago that still remains unsolved.


Magazine Layouts

This is a magazine spread I did for the same class about the gardens on Alcatraz that were once tended by prisoners.

Alcatraz in Bloom

Here is another I did for my final in my advanced editing class. This one is a little unconventional, but I love it and really enjoyed making it. I chose to put the intro to the story on the left side of the magazine because I liked how it faded into the picture of the girl getting ready for her prom. I also was a little more playful with colors and design since a) this was for a magazine and b) I wanted it to convey the enthusiasm and fun the children had. I think the colors and the loose, flowing design did that. I also chose to add a lot of pictures because I think it showcased the overall positive, carefree theme of the prom.



Below is the web package part of the assignment. This includes the web package promo, the blurb promo and the tweet promo, in that order — even though it’s all in one pdf file.


Web Design

Below is a Book Review Package that had to be formatted for the web. I created a homepage, story preview and a small web blurb.



Below is a powerpoint presentation on the Arizona Immigration Law, signed by Gov. Jan Brewer on April 23.


And this is a website I made about myself in my Online Media class:



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